Upholstery Cleaning

At St1m & Clean, we are more than your average cleaning service. We have the experience and equipment to thoroughly clean a wide variety of sofa fabrics. We can restore the natural look and feel of most upholstered items, allowing you to enjoy them for longer.

Our technicians come to your home wearing personal protective equipment to keep your home germ-free. They use shoe covers and also offer covers for your shoes if you are present at the time of cleaning. We are always available to answer questions about our process and use professional van-mounted equipment that is designed for deep and thorough cleaning.

Don't let pet accidents, messy kids, or drunk adults ruin your favorite sofas, chairs, and other upholstered items. Our highly responsive cleaning service can remove stains and odors quickly. We help you enjoy your loved ones without the constant worry of spilled food and other unexpected events that come with a life well lived.