Tile & Grout Cleaning

You routinely clean your home, but every home will eventually need a dedicated tile and grout cleaning service. For Newbury Park, the best option for that cleaning service is St1m & Clean. We clean any tile and grout, carpet, and upholstered surfaces inside and outside the home.

Our professional floor cleaning process is as follows:

  • We offer a thorough inspection and estimate in advance, so there's never a surprise when it's time to pay.
  • Our technicians apply a professional-grade cleaning solution, and then we scrub the tile and grout for a deep clean.
  • For the most distressed areas, we use a grout brush and brush by hand.
  • We extract the dirt and remaining cleaning solution with a high-pressure steam tool.
  • Technicians mop and dry the floor to reveal the clean, restored surface.
  • If requested, we apply a sealant. Tiles and grout can be sealed together or separately.